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For The Fallen

by Casey

For every heart that beats its last, and in that dying moment lives
For every selfless act of love, for every bad turn one forgives
For every day that dawns anew, and in its time gives way to night
For every love that's still untried, but when it is will stand to fight
For every life, a precious spark that shines its light to show the way
For every secret faithfully kept, for every memory made this day
For every moment in your life - and none will ever come again -
For every choice that you have made, the universe to change within
For every will that's standing strong, though breath and body might yet fail
For every bond that will not break, beside which all the others pale
For every melody unsung, as every song longs to be heard
For every story yet untold, and every silent whispered word
For every faith that's been betrayed, and every promise unfulfilled
For every un-forsaken path, for fallen fortresses rebuilt
For every thread and bright pattern we weave into our tapestry
For every breath of cold and dark that draws us near to destiny
For all the old, and those unborn, whose shining eyes we might not see
For all the quiet moans of grief, and unheard screams of agony
For all the beauty in this world, some evil therein must be found
For all the untold thoughts inside, which in the telling are unbound
For all the chances that we take, though safety cannot then remain
For all the dangers past conquered, for weakening links in self-forged chains
For all the worth, and worthlessness, a careful balance is preserved
And for the One who watches all, so we might follow and not swerve
And for the fallen - those we've known, who were and are and will yet be
And for the ones who're left behind, for all those this song I sing