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This is where I will put pictures of myself, friends, family, etc. This page will always be under construction, as I will add pictures when I can. Click the thumbnail to see the larger picture. To see a description, just put your mouse over the picture. These pictures are not necessarily in chronological order, only in the order I think to put them up and feel like doing so. Enjoy! hehe. Oh yeah, & I did have more Thanksgiving pics put up than just those last two, but for some reason the others didn't upload right :(

This is my iguana, Blade. This is my poodle, Buddy. He's kinda hard to see because he needs a haircut and the picture's not that good. Sorry about that. This is my friend Justin from school. We're at Applebees on the night of last year's Spring Formal, 2002. We were in a group of 11. It was a blast! These are my friends Jennifer & Jennifer, at Applebees on Spring Formal night of last year. This is Zach and Leigh Ann, at Applebees on Spring Formal night. This is Hollyn, Jennifer, and Yire. We're at a local movie theater, waiting to watch The Scorpion King. It was a pretty good movie. This is Yire, at a coffeehouse across from our school during finals week. I went back in March '02 on a mission trip to Florida with some people from school. This is them, minus two, Amy C. and Kelly. These are, from left to right:me,Trae,Amy A.,Jeff,& Cara. This is some of the summer staff of Camp Bethel last summer. They are, starting with me and going to the left:me,Donna, Laura,Jessica,Rachel(can't really see her), Jessie,Ian,James, and Ashley. This is my friend Dora, from Camp. This is my friend Joel from Camp. This is Ian, from Camp. Lol, this is Stephen, 'Spot', from Camp. This was taken after one of the games we did with the campers. This is a picture of all the staff, both summer and year-round, of Camp Bethel. I won't name them all lol. This is my sister, Heather, inside my great-aunt & great-uncle's camper at Carowinds on 8/2/02. This is my friend Casey, from Camp, and I at Carowinds on 8/3/02. The one on the left is my friend Jess, and one of her friends. This is my friend Anchia This is a slightly better picture of my dog Buddy. This is a not very good picture of my parakeet, Chippy. He's the barely visible blue thing with feathers :) These are me and some of my friends from school. From left to right we are:Jenn D., Yire, Hollyn, Shannon, Diana, Leigh Ann, and me. This is me, Justin, Zach(behind Justin) and Adam(behind me) at the spring formal last April '02, in front of Applebees. This is my sister, at my Aunt's house, on Thanksgiving Day. This is my stepcousin Mike's wife Mary(left), and my stepcousin Lisa(right) at my Aunt's house on Thanksgiving Day. This is just a pic of me to show a friend my new haircut & sense of style lol This is another 'new me' pic.
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