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"Life Is Strange" Page 1

This is a sort of Journal section. I'm kind of known amongst my friends as being someone who has many strange, weird, odd, in any case interesting, things happen to me in life. Here I will journal the strange happenings of my life as they happen(and to start, a few from the past).

I guess it all started with my great-great grandma. I've always been interested in science fiction, the paranormal, supernatural, etc. I think this is partly because I grew up hearing stories about my great-great-grandmother, who was a well-known psychic in the area she lived in. She correctly predicted lots of things, the one I remember best being when she predicted who my great-uncle was going to marry.

Perhaps, it is genetic. My grandma, aunt, mom, and myself have also had some strange 'psychic' experiences of our own.I don't know whether there is really anything to these experiences, but I know that they are God-given intuitions that cause me to believe that not all psychics are fake. Perhaps most of them, but not all of them. Because I don't want to invade the privacy of my relatives by telling something without asking them, I will only tell things I experience personally in here.

The earliest experience I remember, is when I was five. My grandpa was in the hospital. One night I suddenly wanted to see him. I had to see him that night. I somehow knew that it would be too late if I waited until morning. Because it was so late, my family wouldn't let me go see him, promising the next morning we would. The next morning, it was too late. He had died.

Another one I can remember happened, that was a little milder, is when I was in 12th grade. I know there were more incidents in between that large time span, I just can't recall them at the moment. I had just gone to an ATF(Acquire the Fire) conference, and didn't buy anything b/c I didn't have money. I got home later that night and went to it's website. I saw a book I really wanted, it was $10. My parents made me wait until I had $10 to pay them back for it if I used their credit card to order it online. Me not having a job at the time, I didn't know how I would get the $10. Then one morning, on my way to school, I just suddenly knew I would get $10 that day. That day, I won the weekly Attendance Drawing. This is a thing that was done at my school where,the names of everyone that was at school everyday the previous week is put into a hat, and a name is randomly drawn. That week, my name was drawn. the prize:$10.

The next one I remember was last year, in college. It's another minor experience, yet weird just the same. I was looking at The Mothman Prophecies website, to see what the movie was about. I had never been there before, had never heard of "The Mothman" legends the movie was based on, but I knew stuff that would be on the site. For instance, I knew it would say something about Chernobyl, and about a bridge collapsing. Sure enough, as I searched the site, both were there.

Now, for some of my crazy experiences that have nothing to do with the paranormal, or whatever. A couple of things that my friends would say "Only you, Chad. Only you." lol.

One of the funniest things I remember about my freshman year in college happened one Sunday night. I was watching a movie, and decided to pop some popcorn. Being used to my old, slow microwave, as opposed to the brand-new one my roommate had brought, I put the popcorn in the full time. When I got it out, flames were licking the top of the bag, and smoke was pouring out the top. The fire alarm went off, and my dorm was evacuated. My room reeked of burnt popcorn for weeks. Lol, I haven't made popcorn since, and I missed the best part of the movie.

I have several stories from my summer Camp job. I'll tell some of them now. The first week(we were there for seven weeks)all the counselors decided to go hangout at this secluded area of the camp known as Inspiration Point. There were twelve of us. We tried to go in one counselor's truck, with all of us in the back, but it broke down. Therefore, we all piled into another one's blazer - all twelve of us. It looked like a clown car or something, and I got very claustrophobic. Lol, I will not do that again!

The second week, one morning, one of the campers I was in charge of(I had six)awoke to find a wolf spider the size of a tarantula on the wall beside his head. I got another counselor from the group beside me to help me, I didn't know what to do or how to kill it; I'd never seen a spider that big before. We ended up spraying it with Lysol until it died. That same week, one night the campers watched a movie, and some other staff watched them, while the counselors had a "Counselor Night Out" and went to take a break at the nearby Lake on the Camp. We were in that same truck, the one that wouldn't work before, except it did this time. On the way back, we took a wrong turn, somehow going off the road. We had to back up to get back to where we were supposed to be. It took awhile, but we finally got back to the kids. I later found out from another counselor that, after we took the wrong turn, had we kept going forward the way we were going, we would have driven off a cliff. It freaked me out a little.

The fifth week, I had ten campers. I was in the bathroom with some of my campers, while the rest were getting settled in for bed. Suddenly, one of my campers walks in with his sleeping bag, exclaiming "Somebody pooped on my bed!" I was clueless as to how to deal with this, and find out who the culprit was. I talked to the Camp Director, and we finally concluded, due to lack of any other evidence, that one of the local dogs had gotten into the cabin and used the bathroom in there(some of the other cabins had had some problems with dogs getting in that week).

Those are the main things I can remember up to now. When more stuff happens, I will chronicle them on a new journal page, which I will put a link to here once that page is created. Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the crazier aspects of my life! :)

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