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"Life Is Strange" Page 2

Ok, I'm back at school now, just finished the second full week. And already some weird things have happened. Our(me & my roommate) phone, when we first put it in, had to be charged 16 hours before it could be used. After that 16 hours, it still wouldn't work. That night we figured out that it was because it was plugged into the wrong line. We bought a hub that we have to use to be able to connect to the Internet(otherwise only one of us could be on at a time, with a hub we both can be), and one day it stopped working. I'd accidentally unplugged it. Today(8/31)has been an amusing day as well. I spilled Sprite all over the floor, my umbrella broke, and I left my clothes in the dryer for an hour before remembering to turn it on. Lol just to warn you, alot of the stuff I write in here, will probably be stuff that is funny to me, and possibly my friends that know me personally. They may be stupid and boring to anyone else lol. But I think they're funny, so they'll go here anyways :)

Another warning, sometimes stuff in here will be rather serious, and things that are important to me. Like what I'm putting here now.

I'm sorry for the long delay in writing this, alot has been going on at school. For awhile I was very stressed out and depressed about school, having to force myself to get out of bed each morning for classes. The school has been going through alot of problems, which has caused alot of uproar. I won't go into details, but if you live in NC and watch the news daily, you've probably heard about it. It was also once or twice on CNN's Education section, a headliner. But I was really having a hard time overcoming the stress and doubt that were going on in my mind through the whole thing. Things are calming down, I think; in any case, the past few days I've been coming out of my slump and the stress has eased, which is good because through the whole thing I became an even bigger hermit & recluse than I already am. I learned alot to trust God more, and I realized just how easily I do let things get to me, and it's something I'm trying to work out.

On a happy note(for me)... the Poltergeist trilogy, made in the '80s, are some of my favorite movies of all time, & now I have all three! :-D

Well, it is now December 23. Sorry again for the delay, I have a little to put up here now lol. One of my poems, I submitted to The International Library of Poetry is getting published next year! And they want to put it on a CD with 32 other poems, being read aloud by a reader in a recording studio. I thought that was pretty cool. In other news, I've been sick, but I'm over it now I think lol. Merry Christmas all!

Well, now it's February 12. Quite a bit has happened. I went bowling a few weeks ago, with a friend. We slid on black ice. That same weekend, our school had a band come and play, who wasn't responsible enough to book a hotel, & so they slept outside my room(with out my or my roommate's permission). It was insane how many of them I tripped over, kicked, & stepped on trying to get to the bathroom to get ready for church that Sunday! It's snowed 2 or 3 times already, two occasions of which cancelled classes. And I got to have snow cream! I haven't had that in FOREVER! The other weekend, me & my roomy had this adorable big puppy in our room for the night. It somehow got in the dorm, & our RA didn't have the heart to kick it out because it was so cold. I have a small beard and an earring now. I also spike my hair more. I got tired of the way I look, decided to try some different things.

Friday is Valentine's Day. Blah. I've always felt that was just a commercial holiday to sell more candy & stuffed animals, & make us single introverts feel more like losers. Lol. Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll be back, soon! :-D

Well, now it is March 14th. Just got back from Spring Break last week. Spring Break was insane. Friday night I got home, everything was basically ok. Saturday afternoon my iguana died. That night my poodle Buddy fell off the bed and started, like, convulsing or something. Don't know what happened, it freaked me out. The next day, April, the dog we had been breeding Buddy with(she's a poodle, belongs to a friend of the family's), was hit by a car & broke her back & had to be put to sleep. Our bedroom TVs didn't work. We called the repairman. Why didn't they work? They had come unplugged O.o . That's really about all that's been going on with me, that I mind talking about here anyways.

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